Jara is a pop-rock musician and songwriter from San Diego, California, USA. In his solo endeavor, Jara shows off a soulfully emotive voice and deep musical rhythms.
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“In Abeyance” is a debut album of a very up-and-coming post-rock band Blackpaperplanes. All tracks have very strong instrumentation to boot, the great clean guitar work, intricate and melodic, the electronica-tinged drumbeats and the very prominent basslines that give these tracks a great sense of character.
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Comprised of unequal parts “Greenfinch” combines lush bass, various beats and inspirational samples. It is abstract storytelling, melody and experimentalism at the same time.
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Hamlet His Highness is an experimental music project where various genres as ambient, minimal, kraut rock, lo fi, chillwave, drone, trip hop and IDM are closely interwined. This is a very simple, but serious music existing on the periphery of perception.
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The Blue Veins band was formed in Minsk, Belarus, early in 2012. These talented guys don’t want to limit themselves to one particular style of music.
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We're thrilled to finally get updated Ringtonium into the Google Play and onto your Android devices! We do believe the app’s music library with weekly music deals will be the Home of free music!
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Altum Animo – is a DJ/producer from South Africa who is known for creating minimalistic psychedelic trance.
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Altum Animo (known more casually as Riaan du Preez) is a psytrance project from South Arica. With a burning passion to create trance music Altum Animo started producing April 2012.
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The range of genres that influenced Doppler’s music seems countless. They don’t want to limit themselves to one particular style of music.
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IDM stands for “intelligent dance music”. There is an implicit suggestion that dance music, perhaps, isn’t intelligent. “When Umi Sleeps” refutes this statement with its sophisticated subtle structures, interwining harmonies which are devoided of any primitivity.
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SwallowBreath is a one-man project, hailing from Kiev, Ukraine, focused on deep music, where bass reigns.
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Mattie – is a talented producer from Moscow, who makes experiments with electronic music and derives inspiration in such artists as Gold Panda, Four Tet, Burial, Bonobo, Jamie XX.
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The musical landscape that Damen creates is full of elegant harmonic motifs. Smooth vocals accompanied with acoustic bewitching melodies warm the soul. An album that astounds with its simplicity and sweetness.
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Dreamlin is a lounge trio, hailing from Minsk, Belarus. Band members - Denis Korabkov, Egor Kunovsky, Andrei Karpovich - teamed together in 2000 and very soon became the most requested electronic act in the country.
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Drummer and “CherryVata” member – Gorbach – has recorded the second solo album in February, 2013.
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Blasting heavy electro beats for five years, DJ Project M59 is infiltrating skulls of EDM fans.
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BamBooApps Team has been working hard for the last few months to make a new, bright and unique product.

We spent a lot of hours on development, design and testing where everything was going as planned. You know, when launching a new app or updated version minor bugs usually come out here and there and it’s kind of normal. But we couldn’t expect something that big with updating Ringtonium. So we feel cheap now.
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Viva Ringtonium 3! Utility ringtones app got music deals feature and now bringing great music from new talented musicians for free to its users.

To celebrate the new life for our Ringtonium 3 we will have a contest where all new and current app users can win iPod touch 5th gen with retina display.
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Today is Halloween! The costumes are picked, the pumpkins are carved and the houses are decorated inside and outside for the scariest and funniest party of the year! But you know what's missing? Weird sounds that gives goose bumps to your neighbors, friends, family and ordinary strangers.
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Halloween Ringtones! This new application from the Bamboo Apps team. Record spooky sounds, create chilling tones and get into the Halloween spirit!
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A little teaser from us. Right for October 31 we are sketching something in a Halloween spirit. We'll give you special chilling atmosphere.
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Get the privilege to play with great apps before they appear on the store!
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Hey guys! We want to share our news. As promised today Ringtonium gets available on Google Play. It is a significant event for our team. And we believe Android Ringtonium will gain such a success as iOS version.
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Hi to all! Our mini contest "Ringtonium look" is over. Now let's sum up.
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All of us are waiting for Android release of Ringtonium and $100 contest on July 6th. Let's warm up with practice contest!
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Hey! We have exciting news to share. Yep, it's Ringtonium for Android! Now Google Play lovers can also enjoy one of the best ringtone maker. Amazon and Samsung apps adding someday soon.
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Each iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad has a Unique Device Identifier (UDID). You can think of it as a serial number but this one got 40 letters and numbers, impossible to guess and of course it's unique to your device. UDID should look something like this 7f6c8dc83d77134b5a3a1c53f1202b395b04482b
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We are very happy to announce the latest spring release of WeightMeter which got its own tagline - "Yep, It's all about you". This is the first time we put together some life inspired words to describe the app and give it its own meaning.
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