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Music library

Welcome the app’s music library – a place for free and legal downloads with weekly hot music deals. All stuff is kindly provided by great musicians and labels exclusively. Browse our music giveaways collection to find and choose the music you love!

Professional ringtone designer

  • A super accurate Macro Wheel cuts and edits ringtones up to 0.01 sec.
  • A lovely waveform makes cutting tracks easy and clear.
  • Create unique email, text, alarm clock, reminders and Twitter tones.
  • No extra fees for ringtones! Great tunes are ready for turning into awesome tones right now.

Free your fantasy!

Show your creative skills to everyone! Customize your tones using 4 awesome sound filters: (fade-in, fade-out, normalizer, granulizer)

Save easily

In-app ringtones storage and playback is to our service. All your favorite ringtones can be installed on your device any time

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